We help small business owners define and broadcast their brand to get the attention they deserve.


Ready to spend more time in your zone of genius and less time struggling with branding, marketing, and tech? We're bringing you the road-tested, client approved strategies and premium tools you need to build a successful, profitable brand.

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A website that delights, engages, and gets you results.

You CAN overcome the uncertainty and tech overwhelm of building a website — let us do it for you!

We created the Lindero website for the busy entrepreneur who has better things to do than learn how to make a site. Our pre-made WordPress theme has all the bells and whistles that are usually reserved for big brands and big budgets, made them available for you.

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From scrappy startups to corporate giants, we have a long history of creating premium branding and killer digital products.


For (cough) more than two decades we've been helping people just like you build their businesses. We've created custom branding, marketing, websites and unique digital products. And through building and selling our own business, we know first-hand the unique challenges a small business owner faces.

Along the way we've won awards and accolades not only for ourselves, but also for our clients. Now, we're taking all that expertise and giving it to you!


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“Shawna's framework is such a complete, holistic approach to my business. She focuses on the practical, the strategic, and the emotional. She has so many tools and knows of so many business tactics to support me doing so much of the marketing on my own. I could really tell that she’d been in my shoes.”

— Tracy Brown, CEO Priya Apotheca



All the tools you need to build a successful online business, the first time around.

No more doing and re-doing. From online classes to premium themes and plugins, let us help you build your brand the right way, straight from the get-go.



Get the 101 on creating a brand that reflects exactly who you are, and attracts your ideal client.

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Discover your unique brand personality and archetype. Branding kits and turn-key options to get you started today.

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Discoverability, SEO, keeping readers on the page and converting them into raving fans and customers — all available in one beautiful theme.

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Content marketing is about discoverability, creating authority, connection, and sales. Let us show you how with our 5 C’s of content marketing.

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Get your business off the ground a matter of days

Let us show you how. We offer a no -nonsense approach with real-life business building tips and tricks based on our own experience or coaching. No fluff, only good, actionable advice and bonuses.

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