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Every brand has a personality.
What's yours?

A shortcut to creating a great brand is knowing it’s personality. If you're stuck wondering about what your brand should or shouldn't talk about, what colors and fonts you should use and overall strategic direction — brand personalities can help.

Discover your brand's personality with this easy and thought-provoking  quiz.

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From scrappy startups to corporate giants, we have a long history of creating premium branding and killer digital products.


For more than two decades (it hurts to say that outloud!) we've been helping people just like you build their businesses. We've created custom branding, marketing, websites and unique digital products. And through building and selling our own business, we know first-hand the unique challenges a small business owner faces.

Along the way we've won awards and accolades not only for ourselves, but also for our clients. Now, we're taking all that expertise and giving it to you!


All the tools you need to build a successful online business, the first time around.

No more doing and re-doing. From online classes to premium themes and plugins, let us help you build your brand the right way, straight from the get-go.


Build Your Brand

Get the modern design and marketing tools to define your brand and grow a profitable online business. 

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Attract More Clients

Want more organic website traffic? Use our custom-created Word Press theme with premium tools built right in 

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Boost Your Sales 

Convert website visitors to paying customers with our content strategy and quick-link tools to convert searches to sales.

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“Shawna has taught me many tools and strategies to support me doing so much of the marketing on my own. I could really tell that she’d been in my shoes.”

— Tracy Brown, CEO Priya Apotheca


You need a website that attracts, engages and sells.

We named it Lindero.


Many small business owners fall into one of two traps: 

Either they spend too much on a customized website that doesn’t live up to its cost,

or they settle for a low-budget DIY page that doesn’t result in sales. 

Neither option is ideal, especially not when you’re already struggling with a tight start-up budget! 

What you really need is a professional-looking website that strengthens your brand image and encourages sales, by boosting your online visibility and facilitating efficient content marketing. 

The good news is, you don’t have to endure the uncertainty and tech overwhelm of building it yourself! 

We created LINDERO to eliminate the hassle of coding a customized website so that busy entrepreneurs like you can focus on more productive business matters.

Our pre-coded and customizable WordPress theme has all the bells and whistles associated with bigger brands and budgets; thus giving you the same means to define and broadcast your online business as an attractive top-tier competitor — without the same cost! 

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Do you know your brand’s personality?

Discover your brand's personality with this easy and fun 10 question quiz.

Get clarity on your brand values,brand message, how you should talk to your customers, and what colors, and graphic elements help support your brand's image.  

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